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The all-in-one app for school communication

Improve your parent engagement with our mobile app. Stay connected with daily updates, share important announcements, showcase upcoming events, facilitate two-way communication, and streamline tuition payment processes.

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school communication mobile app

what the app delivers

community through posting

sharing everyday media

Teachers and administrators can capture snapshots of classroom activities by posting pictures and videos.

parents experience

Parents can enjoy scrolling the classroom feed, and they'll love receiving notifications when their children are tagged in posts.

announcements made easy

To ensure parents receive timely updates about Important school affairs, administrators can share announcements via text post to the community feed.

receive payments from parents

1. parents pay

Parents can pay tuition fees for the academic year, and pay for other items like filed trips, school books, and meals.
parents payment screen

2. you collect & track

Receive payments, track income and expenses, manage and track late payments.
school finance dashboard

easy field trip planning

mobile trip image

easy field trip planning

guardian approvals

When the school post a new event like a field trip, parents can easily through the app decide on letting their kid go to that event or not.


If payment is required for a field trip, guardians can safely and seamlessly send funds within the app.

Streamlined family messaging

system 01

Glad to hear that!

teacher reply

system 01

Hello Mrs. Sarah, I wanted to let you know that my son really enjoyed yesterday's field trip. Thank you for everything!

parent messaging

Parents and teachers are exchanging messages.

communication becomes more impactful for everyone involved.

Make it Your Own

No two schools are alike. To ensure your communication platform is as unique as your institution, we’ll customize your app to match your school’s identity. Learn more

And That`s not All

a complete dashboard to control everything

Manage registrations & School visits.
Mange students, stuff, classes, and branches.
Calendar and events.
Build your school website through a site builder
Learn more
system dashboard image